Explore the Wide Range of BMW Convertibles at Century West BMW

With the summer sun finally fully upon us, there is truly no better time to discover the ideal convertible for you and your needs. At Century West BMW, we're always eager to assist local drivers from Studio City, Glendale, West Hollywood and beyond in the greater Los Angeles area on their journey towards an exciting BMW model. If your sights are set on one that can ride confidently with the top down, here are our favorite choices from the growing new inventory at our dealership

  • BMW 2 Series: Drivers love the 2 Series for the level of power and precision that you can expect to reap whenever you're behind the wheel. With peak performance set at 320-horsepower, available rear or all-wheel drive, and the choice between three different drivetrains, the 2 Series is a dynamic choice for those convertible owners who also crave a sporty ride-quality.
  • BMW 4 Series: If the power of the 2 Series isn't enough to satisfy you, the 444-horsepower BMW 4 Series will likely do the trick. With a greater degree of handling and acceleration to ride on, passengers tend to be caught off-guard by how quiet the model manages to be. This two-door convertible is a more luxurious choice as well, if that appeals to you.
  • BMW 6 Series: Last but not least from our available inventory is the 6 Series, which tops the list in terms of luxury and performance. With 315-horsepower and 330 pound-feet of torque, this model won't best the 4 Series but can offer a greater yield for fuel efficiency that the previous two models. If your solution looks more well-balanced, this is the convertible for you.

With such a range of choices to consider, our inventory will likely prove to hold your next convertible if you choose to browse any further. All it takes to get started with your BMW search is a visit to see us at 4245 Lankershim Blvd today!

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