Compare the BMW X1 to the Competition in North Hollywood, CA

The BMW X1 Suits Driving Around Los Angeles Better Than Other Luxury Compact SUVs

Mixing style, substance, sportiness, and cargo room isn't easy, but the BMW X1 makes it look effortless. A luxury compact SUV, it's the perfect model for showing off around Beverly Hills while also letting you get out of the city, and, no matter where you travel, you can expect the luxury materials and features that the German automaker is known for.

The BMW X1 vs. The Acura RDX

  • The BMW X1 delivers luxury to car shoppers at a more competitive price than the Acura RDX, which doesn't have many of the same standard features as the BMW X1. Even better, the BMW X1 is more efficient whether you're in the city or on the highway.
  • While more efficient, the engine of the BMW X1 feels the same regarding raw power as the one in the Acura RDX, but BMW models are known for their fun-to-drive feel, and the BMW X1 is no different. Its agile handling and engineering features, like Hill Start Assist, make driving in it much more entertaining than the drive of the Acura RDX.
  • At the highest trim levels, the BMW X1 feels more refined than the Acura RDX inside and out. Aspects and materials of the BMW X1, from chrome tailpipes to Dakota leather, will impress onlookers and passengers alike.

The BMW X1 vs. The Volvo XC40

  • A huge part of comfort when driving is having space so that no passengers feel squeezed in, and the BMW X1 has advantages over the Volvo XC40 in many key areas, like rear legroom and headroom for both rows. Plus, the BMW X1 has a large cargo area so that you can transport more items.
  • Alongside luxury, performance is a focus of every BMW model, and that clearly shows with the BMW X1 when comparing it with the Volvo XC40. It comes standard with an engine that has much more horsepower and torque than the Volvo XC40's standard engine, but, even beyond that, the BMW X1 just feels smoother and more graceful when driving around Glendale.
  • The tech of the BMW X1 makes it one of the smartest cars on the road as it has features, like a head-up display and LED cornering headlights, that the Volvo XC40 does not offer.


The BMW X1 vs. The Lexus NX

  • The raw horsepower and torque specs for these two models are quite similar, but the BMW X1 is a better option for performance enthusiasts as it has a lighter build for better acceleration and superior handling than the Lexus NX
  • Passengers will enjoy the interior of the BMW X1 more as it has more headroom and rear legroom while also having features, like ambient lighting and reclining rear seats, and finer materials, like Dakota leather, that you won't find in the Lexus NX.
  • Drivers around Studio City will find that the BMW X1 offers a variety of high-tech features, from a head-up display to Speed Limit Info, that are sure to help you along your journeys, and the Lexus NX doesn't offer similar tech.

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