What is BMW xDrive?

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You might hear a lot of information about different All-Wheel Drive systems, which is why our team at Century West BMW wanted to make sure you could see all of the benefits that the xDrive system offers. All BMW SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle) models have xDrive as a standard or optional feature, and even some of the sedans do, making sure you can always feel confident behind the wheel.

How xDrive Works

Under normal driving conditions, the xDrive system favors the rear axle with a 40/60 split of power, but when the system detects slippage, it sends the power to where you need it. It only takes milliseconds to distribute the power to maintain the best traction your vehicle can offer. By analyzing every condition, you can be sure that you will always be able to control your vehicle, giving you the confidence that you need when you are behind the wheel.

Why to Choose an xDrive model

While Hollywood might not be known for its rain or slippery weather conditions, the xDrive all-wheel drive system still offers many benefits for drivers. By distributing power to the outside wheels on a turn, you are able to have the most dynamic driving experience while still feeling completely in control.

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