What Is the Difference Between a Sports Activity Coupe ® and a Sports Activity Vehicle ®?

January 25th, 2019 by

The BMW brand doesn't offer typical SUV options. They offer a range of Sports Activity Coupe ® and Sports Activity Vehicle ® options. They stress performance and activity over utility and are ready to perform on and off the road. The difference between them is that Sports Activity Coupe ® (SAC ®) models borrow style elements from coupes and boast a sloping roof.

A Sports Activity Vehicle ® (SAV ®) resembles more of a classic SUV style. Although, being a BMW, these vehicles stress luxury and performance. To learn more about which models out of the BMW X-line fall into each of these categories then browse our breakdown below!

SAV ® Options

The BMW X-line offers several different SAV ® options. The smallest of the lineup is the BMW X1, a compact SAV ® that is designed to turn heads and engineered to drop jaws. When you're behind the wheel of one of these vehicles around North Hollywood, you are bound to catch a few eyes.

Folks in the market for a larger model can side with a BMW X3 or a BMW X5. The X3 is a larger compact SUV than the X1 but folks in the market for space and cargo room can side with the mid-size BMW X5. To maximize your potential space and add a standard third-row seat, the newly released BMW X7 may be more your speed. With its innovative roof design, your Los Angeles friends won't be able to help but turn a little green.

Experience a Sports Activity Coupe ® Today!

The BMW X-line of SAC ® models starts with the BMW X2. It has a unique badging placement that makes it stand out while the BMW X4 is a larger option with a distinct style. The largest BMW SAC ® is the BMW X6. If you are having trouble finding your ideal BMW X-line model then consult our friendly staff and they would be more than happy to help.

Source: Century West BMW Blog